Our Values

Our mission is to protect our clients’ interests with personalized service, passionate advocacy, and strategic foresight. These values are embedded in our core. Here’s what that means.

Personalized Service

It means you can reach us when you need us. We prioritize open and ongoing communication to ensure you know what’s happening with your matter.

It also means we really listen to you. We develop our strategies by first understanding your concerns and desired outcomes. Then we balance a deep understanding of the legal consequences with thoughtful advice that takes into account the practical business and personal implications of those strategies.

We believe in providing a top-quality experience that exceeds your service expectations.

Passionate Advocacy

Whether serving as outside general counsel to a closely held business with periodic transactional needs or defending a client in complex, multi-party litigation, we bring integrity and energy to each representation. Our team approach ensures matters are staffed with the right combination of skills, subject-matter knowledge and experience to efficiently and effectively achieve favorable outcomes.

Our attorneys have deep trial experience. In the words of one client, “they are trial lawyers, not paper litigators.” That means we’re prepared to fight for your rights aggressively and confidently – as far as the case takes us. By the same token, we’re not wrapped up in our own ego about it. If the best option for your situation is a mediated settlement prior to trial, we’ll go into that negotiation with the very same level of passionate advocacy, preparedness, attention to detail, and legal insight that we bring to every representation.

Strategic Foresight

A lot of firms talk about strategy. We think the best strategies are born from a combination of past experience and creative visualization. Our ability to proactively plan for various scenarios and possible outcomes allows us to give clients options, as well as better decision-making tools during the course of their engagement. We might not have seen it “all” before, but we’ve been around long enough to have seen most of it. Clients tell us they appreciate that we are always thinking “several moves ahead.” Considered by many in legal circles as “the lawyer’s lawyers,” we take pride in the fact that many other law firms, our peers, choose us to handle their legal needs.

It’s our job to help you prepare for the road ahead.